Shampoo for Beard and Mustache -...
Shampoo for Beard and Mustache -...

Shampoo for Beard and Mustache - Sulfate-Free

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Specific shampoo for cleaning the face and beard. The sulfate-free formula guarantees gentle care for a soft beard and protected skin.


Beard hair is different from scalp hair, so it is important to use specific products for its treatment. The use of this beard shampoo, indicated for cleaning the beard, keeps it soft and moisturized. In addition, thanks to its sulfate-free formula, it maintains the care of the face and protects the skin.

Steps to use the beard shampoo:

  1. Wet the beard with warm water and apply the necessary amount of shampoo depending on the type and density of the hair.
  2. Spread and distribute the product, massaging with your fingers over the entire surface of the beard. Rinse with plenty of water until all shampoo residue is removed.
  3. Dry gently to remove moisture and use a special beard comb, before it dries completely, to give it the desired shape.

For a complete beard and mustache care we recommend you to use together with the beard shampoo other products of the Beardburys line, such as:

  • The Soft Hold Beard and Moustache Wax, allows you to create shapes and textures.
  • The anti-irritant shaving cream guarantees a soft and moisturizing sensation.
  • The regenerating after-shave provides maximum freshness after shaving with a soothing and regenerating action.
  • Beard and mustache serum with essential oils moisturizes the hair for greater softness.

One of the most essential things to take care of your beard and mustache is to clean it properly. It is important to keep in mind that every beard is different and that the thicker it is, the more care it will need.

The frequency with which the beard hair should be washed with shampoo or suitable products is twice a week. The rest of the days you can clean it with water only.

The use of a specific beard shampoo helps to take care of the facial hair, which is more exposed to dirt and bad odors.

Beardburys beard shampoo also moisturizes and protects the skin under the beard.

Remember that one of the causes of a dull, itchy and dandruff-prone beard is often the misuse of grooming products, which is why hair shampoos and shower gels should not be used to clean the beard.

Carobels Cosmetics Reviews with

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