Matt-Clay Hair Pomade
Matt-Clay Hair Pomade
Matt-Clay Hair Pomade
Matt-Clay Hair Pomade
Matt-Clay Hair Pomade
Matt-Clay Hair Pomade

Matt-Clay Hair Pomade

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Water-based styling clay. Extreme hold and matte finish. Immaculate hold for your style that lasts all day. Leaves no traces of product.

Fixation 5/5

Shine 0/5

  • 30 ml
  • 100 ml

Extra Fuerte

Styling definition and hold

Easy to shape

Matte finish

Gives volume to the hairstyle

Shine-free finish and casual styling

Extra strong hold that lasts up to 24 hours, even for extreme styles

Hair waxes are the perfect product to give texture and define a hairstyle. Although it is ideal for short hair, it can also be applied to medium length hair.

Beardburys range of waxes and pomades adapt to the most demanding techniques to create the latest men's styles and trends with great versatility.

Select the hair wax that best suits you depending on your hair type.

Matte: Recommended for people who want a more natural, casual, less elegant look, even with an exotic touch.

Shine: Ideal for a more sophisticated, elegant and traditional hairstyle.

1. Take a small amount of wax with your fingers. It is important to take a small amount as it is formulated with a concentration of Kaolin, which is the clay that gives the matte effect and an excess could give an unwanted look.

2. Rub it between the palms of your hands to warm it up and apply it evenly on the hairstyle starting from the crown area and leaving the bangs for the end.

3. Apply to dry hair.

4. If you need more wax to achieve the desired style, repeat the process. It is always better to apply twice, in small amounts, than a large dose all at once.

Wash hair thoroughly at the end of the day:

  • For a refreshing effect, achieving shiny and moisturised hair, use Fresh Shampoo.
  • If you want to achieve greater density by slowing down hair loss, Densify Shampoo activates and oxygenates the scalp.
  • If your hair is white or grey, Grey Shampoo provides moisture and silkiness.

For daily hair washing, Daily Shampoo, free of sulphates and parabens, takes maximum care of your scalp.

Select your hair wax according to:

  • Your hair type, density and thickness.
  • The degree of hold you want, from an extreme hold to an almost imperceptible hold.
  • What you want to use it for: styling, texturising or control.
Carobels Cosmetics Reviews with

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