Beardburys Beard Care Pack
Beardburys Beard Care Pack
Beardburys Beard Care Pack
Beardburys Beard Care Pack
Beardburys Beard Care Pack
Beardburys Beard Care Pack

Beardburys Beard Care Kit


Pack of beard and mustache care products. Everything you need to clean, moisturize and soften the hair of the beard and to profile it. All this in a practical toiletry bag.


The way we groom our beard significantly impacts the health and appearance of our facial skin. Using specific products, high-quality, and made with natural ingredients that protect and nurture the skin, makes the difference between problematic skin and one that looks healthy and well-groomed.

The Beard Care Products Kit by Beardburys includes a combination of products for beard care, starting from cleaning with a sulfate-free shampoo, moving on to shaving with transparent shaving gel, and using oil to moisturize the beard and mustache hair. Additionally, to complete the routine and achieve a well-groomed and polished beard, it includes a razor-shaped comb and a light-hold wax to shape it as desired.


The pack contains:

  • Beard and mustache shampoo 150ml: specific for face and beard cleansing. Its sulfate-free formula guarantees a delicate care for a soft beard and protected skin.
  • Outliner 150ml: transparent precision balm. Allows shaving in a visible way. Moisturizes and conditions the skin thanks to the properties of aloe and its blend of oils.
  • Beard serum 30ml: with a delicate composition based on essential and vegetable oils that provides deep hydration of the hair for greater softness.
  • Beard Wax 30ml: Soft and long-lasting hold for mustache and beard. Create the desired shapes or textures without limits.
  • Beardburys Blade Comb: Vintage style barber's comb with Swiss Army knife design, automatic opening and position lock.

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