Do you love powerful cars and road trips but don't feel like getting off the couch? We're here for you. Here are 5 timeless road movies for you to enjoy a marathon any weekend. Start your engines and let's get started!


We ask you if you like cars and we come to you with a motorcycle diary. Well, yes, because in a road movie the important thing is the road and we know that motorcycles are also cool.

Motorcycle Diaries tells the true story of a 23-year-old Ernesto Guevara, whom you will probably know by his motorcycle nickname: Che Guevara. The movie is based on the diaries that Che himself and his friend Alberto Granado wrote during their motorcycle trip that started in Buenos Aires and ended in Caracas. The film focuses on the adventures they experience during the trip, the people they meet and how they gradually become aware of the social differences that exist in the countries they pass through, which would eventually crystallize in the Marxist ideology that Che ended up defending. The photography of the film alone, especially when they pass through Machu Pichu, deserves several viewings.

Would you like to know what kind of motorcycle they were riding? A '49 Norton 500: The mighty one.


THE ROAD MOVIE with all capital letters. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon play Thelma and Louise. Fed up with their relationships (Thelma is also being abused), they decide to take a road trip to enjoy their freedom. At the first stop, Thelma is about to be raped by a man, and Louise shoots him dead to defend her. 

What was meant to be a friends' trip turns into a full-fledged escape from justice to the Mexican border. Along the way, they are robbed by a hitchhiker and arrested for speeding. We won't tell you more because from here comes the interesting part.

What I will reveal is the car they drive: A 1966 Ford Thunderbird.


Not only is it a blockbuster, but it was a true independent film bomb that grossed 100 times its production cost.

Two friends (Wyat and Billy) are drug dealers on the border between the United States and Mexico. After one of their jobs, they receive a large amount of money that they hide in their chopper and drive miles down the road to get to the famous Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Carnival, to understand). Along the way, they cross paths with locals and hippies, and without knowing how, they end up in jail for parading in the street without a permit. There they meet an alcoholic lawyer (played by Jack Nicholson) who from that moment on accompanies them on their journey and whom they introduce to the consumption of marijuana... almost nothing. The rest, you'll have to see.


It may not be a road movie as you're imagining it, but it is a movie and there's a lot of road in it. Watch it!

Llewelyn Moss is a Texas hunter who one day comes across $2.4 million that belonged to some drug dealers. Next to the briefcase he finds a pile of dead bodies, and a dying man begging for water. Moss flees with the money, but regrets it and returns hours later to help the man. Only to discover that he has been shot to death and that whoever it was is after him too.

Enter Javier Bardem's character (Anton Chigurh), a cold and ruthless hitman, who is dedicated to chasing Moss throughout the film.

MAD MAX (1979)

Max is a policewoman living in a post-apocalyptic Australia where water, oil and energy are scarce. What does this have to do with a road movie? Well, Max is a highway cop and is dedicated to chasing biker gangs that sow chaos on those roads.

One of them is Nightrider, a gang member who escapes from the police and whom Max chases until he is killed in an explosion. Soon after, Max's best friend Jimmy is caught in an ambush by Nightrider's former partners and is killed. Max decides to retire from the police after this setback and goes to live in the countryside to live on a farm.

But the worst is yet to come: Night Rider's gang finds them and kills Max's wife and children, who from here on becomes all Mad. He steals a special police car for chases and hits the road to avenge so many deaths. 

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