The Spanish brand specialized in men's grooming, Beardburys, is collaborating with the Stanpa Foundation on its MEN project. This project aims to offer workshops focused on caring for men who are experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment.

The Stanpa Foundation operates as a non-profit organization with the primary purpose of providing support to individuals undergoing cancer treatment.

This year, Stanpa has launched the project MEN with the aim of also addressing personal care for men undergoing cancer. The intention is to provide techniques for skincare and help them look better in order to reduce potential psychological effects that may affect self-esteem.

For this project, they didn't think twice and called upon the leading brand in the most daring men's grooming market that breaks stereotypes and advocates for freedom and pure self-esteem: Beardburys.

Beardburys was created to break stereotypes and create a space where men feel comfortable taking care of their appearance. Although the process has been long, we have noticed that we are getting closer to that goal every day, and there is more awareness that feeling good about ourselves directly influences self-esteem.

That's why, at Beardburys, we consider it extremely important to collaborate with and support projects like this because they affect everyone. Stanpa's MEN project is a great way to raise awareness in society that we need to end these stereotypes and embrace a more open and conscious world that acknowledges all needs.


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