Have you ever wondered why Beardburys is the brand chosen by numerous barbers around the world?

Beardburys is not just a brand; it was created to be a revolutionary new concept in the world of men's grooming. We were born with over 45 years of experience in the professional beauty sector, and we took advantage of the growing barber shop market to venture into new territory.

Over the years, we have listened to our community, which has led us to evolve and constantly reinvent ourselves based on new needs. We have now become one of the few brands in the world that can offer you the opportunity to set up your barber shop solely through one distributor. From products to the design of your barber shop, at Beardburys, we take care of all your needs when launching your business.

Furthermore, continuing with the values that define our brand identity, at Beardburys, we aspire to embody and spread enthusiasm for barbering and the culture of male grooming among all barbers. With this purpose in mind, we launched an educational program, aimed at both barbers and sales representatives, to transmit all our knowledge and experiences in the sector. Beardburys advocates for a good atmosphere and personalized attention 24 hours a day, offering distributors the best conditions and services to work together.

We are proud of our roots, and that's why all our products are manufactured in Spain with natural formulas and ingredients. We pay close attention to every detail, from the quality of the products to the distinctive and edgy design and image of our sustainable packaging.


What started as a national endeavor has now expanded to over 40 countries, garnering accolades since 2018. Among our over 16 awards, we have been recognized for Best Innovative Product by The Beauty Awards, Best Packaging by the World Packaging Organisation, and Best Business Project by Salón Look. We are grateful that our commitment, effort, and work are recognized by the beauty world and the business sector.

Likewise, this has given us the opportunity to have brand ambassadors like Ilia Topuria, the most famous UFC fighter of the moment, creating exclusive products with his brand.

In conclusion, Beardburys is a professional, reliable, and globally recognized brand that offers quality products to meet all the needs of hairdressing professionals and end customers. We strive to offer a unique and edgy image, with exclusive products that provide a unique experience.



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