Densify - Redensifying Shampoo
Densify - Redensifying Shampoo
Densify - Redensifying Shampoo

Densify - Redensifying Shampoo

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Thickening shampoo that helps to stop hair loss. Its formula is rich in caffeine which activates microcirculation and encourages the cellular oxygenation of the scalp. Aloe vera conditions hair leaving it soft and nourished. Mentholated aroma for a fresh sensation. Free from parabens.

  • 10 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 330 ml
  • 1000 ml

  • Helps to stop hair loss
  • Activates microcirculation and promotes scalp oxygenation.
  • Aloe vera for hair care, providing softness and intense hydration
  • Fresh sensation thanks to menthol scent
  • Paraben-free
  1. Apply a small amount to damp hair and massage into the scalp with your fingers.
  3. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • For a refreshing effect, leaving hair shiny and moisturised, use the Fresh Shampoo.
  • If your hair is white or grey, Grey Shampoo provides moisture and silkiness.
  • If you want to take care of your hair in your daily wash, Daily Shampoo, free of sulphates and parabens, takes maximum care of your scalp.

The choice of shampoo is essential for hair care, so it is important to know why men need the right product for their hair.

  • Men's hair is different from women's hair due to genetics.
  • It is less elastic and resistant.
  • It is thicker.
  • It is more greasy.
Carobels Cosmetics Reviews with

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