Miyane, has been trained in the world of barbering since his beginnings in different cities, bringing to his barbershop the latest techniques, with a unique style, and the best treatment while you enjoy an awesomeexperience.

Together with his team they have positioned themselves as a reference in the sector, and that's why we bring you his interview for SOYBARBUDO magazine.


The barbershop Speakeasybarberia was founded in 2020 by Miyane Barber with a clear objective: to create experiences, with an elegant and rogue style, that manage to bring out the best version of you through a personalised and professional treatment. 

Nowadays, a client is not only looking for a haircut, but something more, so we offer much more, targeting classic, daring and demanding men who want to have their own style. 

Name: Miyane Barber

When I was a child I wanted to be: A footballer. It would never have crossed my mind that I would have my own barber shop. 

Reference in the barber world: The Old School Rotterdam Schorem (Holland), are my example to follow, I love the concept and the vibe they have. 

A song: Guns N' Roses - Don't cry 

Favourite quote: "Hold on to what makes you different".

Best advice you've ever been given: "Get it wrong a thousand times and end up getting it right" "To do, you have to want to".

Your first job as a barber: After finishing my training in my city, Malaga, I flew to my first job as a barber in Madrid.  I wanted to start in a barbershop with an "Old School" style because I loved the classic razor and I was lucky enough to learn different styles. 

Style you like to work with the most: I love classic cuts, lots of scissors, lots of razor, and a great well defined hairstyle in the "Old School" style, traditional shaves and rituals, also a good beard and giving a personal touch to those moustaches, although only for the most daring ones.

Your favourite male grooming product: For our best Styling we love Beardburys Extra pomade, it gives us the hold and the touch those toupees need.

Best moment of your career so far: The best moment of my career is clearly when I decided to leave my hometown, leave my comfort zone and focus on what I was interested in which was the world of barbering, becoming a totally unique experience, full of learning, that defined me both personally and professionally.

A current male grooming trend: We will start by using Slight styling cream as a base to add density and volume to the hair, then define our styling with a wide-tooth comb by applying Extra pomade, and finish with a few touches of Beardburys Boomer hairspray to define and maintain the previous shape and hold. 

A dream to fulfil: I feel that many of my dreams that seemed far away have been achieved through perseverance, continuous training and many hours of work. Among them opening my own business for me has been a dream come true and seeing that everything is moving forward and growing every day keeps me motivated, and I hope that everything continues like this, forging little by little the Speakeasy Barber Shop brand. 

What do you look for when choosing a product brand for your business: I look for a wide range, quality and a groundbreaking image in line with our salon. 

Addicted to: Addicted to my family, my work and enjoying life. 

Favourite food and drink: A good meat with a good wine. 

Trick you recommend to your clients: I attach a lot of importance to them learning how to comb their hair well in everyday life, using a hair dryer, accessories, brush or comb, using a suitable product and finally, and most importantly, being advised on how to maintain a healthy scalp. 

The car or motorbike of your dreams: a classic Cadillac or a Harley-Davidson.

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